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Walnut delicacies


The appeal of the walnut

Many people think of walnuts as a "superfood", packed with fibre, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and other goodies. For most of us, however, they're a traditional fruit that forms the basis for all kinds of culinary treats, both liquid and solid.


But before you can get to that exquisite kernel, you have to crack the shell first – and therein lies the fascinating appeal of the walnut.

- R A N K E L  W A L N U S S -

      "It's better to regret over-indulging than never
to indulge at all!"
                                                                                                                                                              Giovanni Boccaccio


Superfood Walnut

Bernhard Rankel started his professional career as a lawyer and worked in international companies before he recognized his long-standing hobby, the preparation of walnut liqueurs, as a calling and made a profession.

In Potzneusiedl, in Northern Burgenland, Bernhard Rankel makes walnuts as a pleasure! He makes walnut liqueurs according to his own recipe, fills some of them into wooden barrels and, above all, gives the "black gold" a lot of time to mature.

In addition, Bernhard Rankel develops and produces unique walnut delicacies according to his own recipies. Great emphasis is placed on local ingredients. According to Slow Food principles no artificial flavors or colors and of course no artificial preservatives are used for all delicacies.

Walnut Liqueur

Walnut Liqueur Classic

Bernhard Rankel has revived the ancient tradition of walnut processing in the well-known winegrowing regions of Carnuntum and Neusiedl am See and given it an elegant modern twist.

Working to the highest quality standards, Bernhard hand-picks local green walnuts from the Carnuntum and Neusiedl am See region while the kernels are still soft.  The young walnuts are then steeped in a specially produced distillate made from apples. During maceration, which takes several months, the blend of distillate, green walnuts and spices is left to work its magic. The young liqueur is placed in large glass demijohns and stood outside in a bright sunny spot to develop its signature aroma and rich brown colour.

When autumn comes the liqueur is transferred to the cellar, where it spends another 3 years maturing to perfection.


A wholly natural product, our walnut liqueur derives its intense, full-bodied flavour from the finest semi-ripe green walnuts, complemented by an aromatic blend of spices. Rankel walnut liqueur is an exclusive enrichment for any culinary experience.

As well as being a popular digestif, Rankel walnut liqueur is also used in high-class kitchens to lend a subtle note and finishing touch to a wide range of dishes.


Rankel walnut liqueur is available in 0.5 litre, 0.35 litre and 50 ml bottles. 

Oak-matured Vintage Walnut Liqueur

Following the standard 36-month maturation period, a limited annual batch of about 500 bottles is transferred into small oak casks to mature for a further twelve months. This gives Rankel vintage walnut liqueur its subtle woody note and lends extra intensity to the pleasant walnut flavour.

This additional maturation process is unique to Rankel, making our vintage walnut liqueur a must-try rarity. 

Maturing in a small oak cask for twelve months, a refining process that is unique among walnut liqueurs, lends Rankel walnut liqueur a pleasant woody note

Acacia-matured Walnut Liqueur

Certain amounts of the yearly vintages of our walnut liqueur are matured for a further 12 to18 months in small acacia-wood casks. This lends the liqueur the characteristic subtly woody note of acacia and a velvety, aromatic flavour, though the walnut remains dominant. Served chilled at 14-16°C, this liqueur is a culinary experience in itself!

Elegant and seductive

"Clear Walnut"-Destillate


The "Clear Walnut" is a 40% spirit that is actually an "upcycled product" made from those green walnuts (and spices) that have already served as the basis for the walnut liqueur for an entire summer.

These green walnuts are now distilled. This is how this unique and interesting spirit is created, which gives an idea of the origin of the product through its fresh-spicy aroma and its fruity delicate taste.

Nut-upcycling for a special taste

Walnuts in honey

Only the very crunchiest walnuts are selected and preserved in aromatic acacia honey to make this beautifully flavoursome sweet confection. Our natural acacia honey is supplied by designer beekeeper Simon Tötschinger of Jois ( Packed with a cocktail of essential nutrients, this combination of walnuts and acacia honey has a positive, health-enhancing effect.

Rankel "Walnuts in honey" are an excellent accompaniment to muesli, yoghurt, ice-cream and cheese - and they're equally delicious straight from the spoon!

Healthy, nutritious - and delicious!


This rare and delicious treat is produced from succulent fresh green walnuts. The green walnuts are harvested by hand in mid-June, then steeped for a few days in brine.  After drying, the walnuts are blended with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and spices and cooked down to a tangy paste.

Our walnut tapenade works especially well as a topping for bruschetta, but it's also great with pasta, grilled meats and cheese.

Unique tangy nuttiness 


Smooth, rich and nutty with a hint of sweetness

Rankel Walnuss Mus is a new vegan speciality created by Bernhard Rankel and produced from fresh green walnuts. A fascinating composition that blends pleasant sweetness with subtle bitter notes of green walnut, our walnut butter is a delicious spread for bread or crackers, but is also perfect as an accompaniment to cheese or a filling for pastries. Inimitable and unique in Austria!


"Pare down to the essentials and create something amazing"


That's our Walnut Pesto in a nutshell (please excuse the pun). Chopped walnut kernels, cold-pressed olive oil, minced rosemary and parsley, a touch of garlic and a pinch of salt – that's all that's needed to make this walnut-based delicacy.

Our Walnut Pesto is delicious with pasta, risotto and roast or jacket potatoes; it's also great spread on toasted bread (especially with a little Parmesan sprinkled on top), as well as being the perfect accompaniment to cheese.

The beauty of minimalism



The three essential elements of this pesto - ripe walnuts, dried tomatoes and olive oil - are made into a spicy paste.

The result is a syphony of flavors that you might have not expected. Of course, this pesto goes well with any pasta, cheese, risotto or simply on bread.

The ultimate taste-kick!


A healthy helper in the kitchen


Local walnuts, roasted and cold-pressed result in this natural full-bodied oil. It is rich in omega 3 and therefore extremely healthy.

Walnut oil tastes great with leaf-salad, rocket, celery, carrots, tomatoes and asparagus, but it's just as good for refining deserts.



An extremly flavorful mustard with delicate sharpness and mild sweetness, emphasized by wonderful roasted walnut aromas! The perfect combination to meat of all kinds, smoked fish, cheese and pies. Also highly recommended for white sausages.

Walnut mustard with roasted walnut pieces



A mustard unique in Austria with a mild spiciness and delicate sweetness with the special taste of pickled black nuts. A real taste explosion to dark meat (eg. geese, venison, beef), smoked fish, cheese or pies.

Mustard with pieces of pickled black walnuts

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