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Walnut delicatessen

Walnuts in honey

Only the very crunchiest walnuts are selected and preserved in aromatic acacia honey to make this beautifully flavoursome sweet confection. Our natural acacia honey is supplied by designer beekeeper Simon Tötschinger of Jois ( Packed with a cocktail of essential nutrients, this combination of walnuts and acacia honey has a positive, health-enhancing effect.

Rankel Honignüsse are an excellent accompaniment to muesli, yoghurt, ice-cream and cheese - and they're equally delicious straight from the spoon!

Healthy, nutritious - and delicious!

Walnut tapenade

This rare and delicious treat is produced from succulent fresh green walnuts. The green walnuts are harvested by hand in mid-June, then steeped for a few days in brine.  After drying, the walnuts are blended with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and spices and cooked down to a tangy paste.

Our walnut tapenade works especially well as a topping for bruschetta, but it's also great with pasta, grilled meats and cheese.

Unique tangy nuttiness 

Walnut butter

Smooth, rich and nutty with a hint of sweetness

Rankel Walnuss Mus is a new vegan speciality created by Bernhard Rankel and produced from fresh green walnuts. A fascinating composition that blends pleasant sweetness with subtle bitter notes of green walnut, our walnut butter is a delicious spread for bread or crackers, but is also perfect as an accompaniment to cheese or a filling for pastries. Inimitable and unique in Austria!

Walnut pesto

"Pare down to the essentials and create something amazing"


That's our Walnut Pesto in a nutshell (please excuse the pun). Chopped walnut kernels, cold-pressed olive oil, minced rosemary and parsley, a touch of garlic and a pinch of salt – that's all that's needed to make this walnut-based delicacy.

Our Walnut Pesto is delicious with pasta, risotto and roast or jacket potatoes; it's also great spread on toasted bread (especially with a little Parmesan sprinkled on top), as well as being the perfect accompaniment to cheese.

The beauty of minimalism

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