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Black Walnuts

Black walnuts classic

A rare speciality made from green walnuts preserved in a deliciously spicy sugar syrup

Black Walnuts are an extremely rare delicacy made from young green walnuts. Using a complex process, Bernhard Rankel carefully preserves them by hand in an aromatic spiced syrup that maintains their rich black colour.   Rankel Schwarze Nüsse are made entirely by hand and are the perfect accompaniment to game, roast meats, pies, pâtés, cheese and desserts.

Black walnuts sweet-sour

Traditional and smart

Our green walnuts are all hand-picked in Potzneusiedl and processed on the same day. As with our classic Schwarze Nüsse, the green walnuts are pricked all over with a fork, then soaked in a water bath for two weeks. The water is changed daily to rinse out the tannins.

As the name suggests, the sweet and sour syrup is prepared using caramelised sugar, balsamic vinegar and a special blend of spices. The syrup is boiled and reduced several times, then poured over the walnuts. After steeping for two days the walnuts are finally boiled in the syrup. The walnuts and syrup are then left to mature in the jar for several months at least until they have reached the perfect al dente consistency and developed their signature sweet and sour flavour.

A true all-rounder, our Sweet and Sour Schwarze Nüsse are especially good thinly sliced as an accompaniment to game, beef, cheese, salads, pies, pâtés and cold platters.  

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