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As a present...


Unusual, delicious - and good for you!

Looking for something a bit special and out of the ordinary as a mouth-watering healthy treat for yourself or your nearest and dearest? Then our geNUSS-Box is just the thing for you! Containing our irresistible Chocolate-coated Walnuts, a jar of our unique Walnut Tapenade and a bottle of our exquisite Walnut Liqueur, the geNUSS-Box is crammed full of indulgent nutty goodness.

On request, the geNUSS-Box can be filled with other delicious walnut specialities from our range.

Genussbox large

Walnut Liqueur 350ml, 3 x choclate-coatet Walnuts á 90g and Walnut-Tapenade 90g

Genussbox small

Chocolate-coated Walnuts
(whole milk and white milk) á 90g

The Walnut Liqueur Trio

This set of three 50 ml bottles features our Classic, Oak-matured and Acacia-matured Walnut Liqueurs in an elegant walnut wood stand. The stand can also be used afterwards as a decorative tea light holder.

Our set of three 50 ml bottles of Walnut Liqueur (one bottle each of Classic, Oak-matured and Acacia-matured) in a chic walnut wood stand is the perfect gift for every taste. And once the bottles of fine liqueur are empty, your present takes on a new lease of life as a decorative tea light holder.

"The stand can also be used afterwards as a decorative tea light holder."



The perfect Present

No idea what to buy, or simply can't make up your mind? You can't go wrong with a geNUSS Gift Voucher! It couldn't be simpler – just choose the desired amount and place your order.

Our geNUSS Gift Vouchers are perfect for every occasion – as a gift, to say thank you, or just for the sheer pleasure of it! 

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