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How To Download Clips4sale For Free vishbur




- working on a site that sells clip art Hi, I am having a nightmare trying to create a banner using clips4sale. If you look at the demo at: it shows me the code to create a clip art banner. However, when I try to use the code it gives me errors. Can anyone help me out please? Thanks Here is the code in its entirety: Clips4sale Logo Loves art? No you don't! 100s of photo art free clip art one time payment full copyright read our FAQ Here is the error I get: The code in the demo is also in a file called "", however, when I unzip the file and put it into the root directory, I get the following error: An error occurred while downloading the file. The error message returned is: "The file '' does not exist." The page requesting the file seems to be working. The file seems to be downloaded properly. A: The error you get is because you're trying to download file. When you try to download a file that compressed,




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How To Download Clips4sale For Free vishbur
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