Why just the Walnut...

A native of the Austrian province of Styria, Bernhard Rankel started his professional career as a lawyer with a number of international companies. A passionate amateur liqueur-maker for many years, he eventually recognised his long-standing hobby as his true vocation and turned it into a business.


Since 2005 Bernhard Rankel has been breathing new life into an ancient tradition. Making his home in the village of Potzneusiedl, Burgenland, close to Neusiedl am See and the Carnuntum winegrowing region, he created his own unique formula for walnut liqueur and has been refining and perfecting it ever since.

Besides his walnut liqueurs, Bernhard also creates and produces a range of unique and delicious walnut-based specialities to his own special recipes.

These days we are increasingly seeing a return to authentic regional produce: we want to know where our food came from and who made it. Bernhard Rankel's delicious walnut specialities reflect this trend, offering a healthy, down-to-earth yet exclusive culinary enrichment for any table.