Chocolate-coated Walnuts

Whole milk, white and dark chocolate 

An incoparable treat,

unique in Austria!

With his finest-quality walnuts coated in white, whole milk and dark chocolate, Bernhard Rankel has created an exclusive product that is unique on the Austrian market. After coming up with the original idea, Bernhard developed and perfected his chocolate-coated walnuts in months of experiment and tasting sessions. The result is exceptional: a perfect symbiosis of delicious ripe walnuts and the finest organic Belgian chocolate.

Rankel dark chocolate-coated walnuts are the ideal accompaniment to a glass of our walnut liqueur or any good red wine!

Whole milk chocolate

Walnuts coated with whole
milk chocolate, 90g

Dark chocolate

Walnuts coated with
dark chocolate, 90g

White chocolate

Walnuts coated with
white chocolate, 90g